285 Forge de Laguiole – 12cm Laguiole knife – Full handleBirch wood handleT12 steel forged, satin
February 3, 2020
306 Arbalete G. David – 12cm Laguiole knife – Double plate – Amourette full handle – 12C27 steel forged glossy
June 14, 2020

331 Arbalete Genes David – 12cm Laguiole knife – Double plates – Amourette full handle shells – 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel shiny



Features of the product:

  • Amourette handle shells (Snakewood).
  • Full handle without bolsters
  • Double-Plate
  • Engraved notch on the back of the blade.
  • 12C27 Sandvik steel, rust resistant.
  • Stainless steel shiny finish
  • Closed length 12cm.
  • Blade thickness 3mm.
  • Hand forged and chiseled bee (not welded bee).
  • The bee and the nib are forged from one piece.
  • Hand finished guilloche on the nib.
  • Comes with original certificate of origin from the smithy.
  • We provide a lifetime warranty and repair service.
  • Original French handcrafted production.
  • All the components of a knife are carefully put together by a master blacksmith.
  • Many accessories for the knife. See below.

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Laguiole Arbalète Genès David is considered one of the oldest knife makers in France. This is because the Arbalete brand was registered in 1810 under the direction of Napoleon and is based in Tiers.

The Laguiole knives are forged by the craftsmen in the traditional way, joined and last of all polished and finished with dedication after more than one hundred processes.  This unique and outstanding expertise has been recognized. The Arbalete Genès David was awarded in 2013 with the label the living heritage (EPV).

This certificate confirms that the Arbalete forge manufactures its Laguiole knives according to the ancient savoir-faire tradition. The Arbalete forge is also awarded with the ” Origine France Garantie” certificate. This certificate confirms that the Arbalete Gene David manufactures the original Laguiole knives in France in his own workshop in Saint-Remy- sur- Durolle in the Puy -de-Dôme.


The blade is made of 11cm (12cm knife length when closed) 12c27 Sandvik – Swedish chrome steel. This high quality steel has high hardness, good corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. The knife has been equipped with a blade guard, which allows the blade to float in the closed position.


This knife does without the bolsters. The handle scales were elaborately crafted from one piece. The type of full tang finish requires a lot of effort. The absence of the bolsters gives the knife an even more refined appearance.


At the spring adorns the famous bee, also partially recognized as a fly. This is forged with the spring in one piece. This is one of the hallmarks of a high quality original Laguiole pocket knife. In addition, the ornaments of the master cutler are applied to the nib by hand. Each master cutler has his own distinctive patterns which also distinguishes his signature.


This knife has a double platine and makes the knife more massive and thus fits very well in the hand. The complex decoration of the double platine makes it look particularly chic. A small detail, but makes compared to a single plate the special difference.


The handle scales are made of noble material carefully selected by the master cutler. The handle scales are finally finely polished with high-quality oils and waxes.

This knife dispenses with the shepherd’s cross. Its simplicity makes it look elegant.


You will receive an unlimited lifetime warranty and free repair service when you purchase this knife. This warranty is provided only when the Laguiole knife is used for its intended purpose. Improper handling will void the knife’s warranty.


Original certificate, natural wood gift box


Arbalete G. David


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