Laguiole and the series Arbalete and Le Thiers knives from the forge Arbalete Genes David - tradition for perfection

We are partner of Arbalete Genes David

Ancient tradition that still convinces today with a wealth of expertise. The language is from one of the oldest knife forges in France: the forge Arbalete Genes David. When Napoleon still ruled France, the cutlery was first registered as a trademark in 1810.

Today, the forge still produces Laguiole knives original in its headquarters in Thiers. The quality, design and uniqueness of Laguiole knives are the reasons why we value them and are proud to partner with the traditional forge.

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Arbalete Genes David Tradition Location

High quality manufacturing processes at Arbalete Genes David.

The original Laguiole knives from the forge Arbalete G. David convince with their excellent workmanship, which makes the Laguiole pocket knives and table knives from the forge Arbalete G. David to real unique pieces. This unique selling proposition has even been awarded:

The forge Arbalete G. David smithy received the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label for the smithy’s craftsmanship and industrial knowledge and for the fact that the Laguiole knives are originally produced according to the Savoir-Faire tradition.

The Series Arbalete, Laguiole and Le Thiers knives of the finest class

The Laguiole knives of the Arbalete Genes David forge are distinguished by their genuine character. Years of tradition lead to products that have internalized perfection. The elegant flair of France is reflected in the robust craftsmanship and thus radiates authenticity and quality at the same time.

The exclusively high-quality materials such as handles made of juniper wood and blades made of Sandvik steel breathe value into Laguiole knives. The forge produces Laguiole pocketknives in the French style and has special collector’s items as well as Laguiole table knives or Laguiole steak knives in its repertoire. Laguiole knives are pioneers in terms of blade sharpness, ergonomics and appearance. High-quality unique pieces that inspire with fine details and high functionality. This is what makes Laguiole knives stand out.

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First-class Laguiole knives thanks to traditional processing methods

The forge attaches enormous importance to the traditional processing of each individual Laguiole knife: with the claim of creating masterful products, the master blacksmiths shape each Laguiole knife into a coveted rarity. In the design of Laguiole knives from the forge Arbalete G. David there is a lot of perseverance and effort.

Strict inspections ensure the quality and compliance with more than 200 steps. Among these is the cutting of the blade, which is then hardened and repeatedly polished. The end of the production chain are three-piece knives, consisting of blade, handle and the original stamp of the forge Arbalete G. David.

From the initial raw material processing to the packaging of the knives, everything happens in the workshop in Thiers. This is very important to the forge, as this is how the high French quality standard is achieved.

Laguiole knives - your reliable companions

Under its current name, the company has been carried on in family tradition by the David family since 1922 until 2010. And actual Messrs Durand managed the company since 2019. The expertise that goes into making these Laguiole knives is irrevocably unique. Both as a collector’s item and for everyday use, Laguiole knives are the ideal companions.

The Series Arbalete, Laguiole and Le Thiers knives deliver quality and variety combined in one product. If you are looking for genuine French pocket knives and other knives of the noblest variety, knives from the forge Arbalete G. David is the right choice.

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