In the mid-1980s, designer Philippe Starck, among others, ensured a revival of the Laguiole knife, inspired by the curved blade of the Yatagan dagger. Finally, at the end of the 1980s, the Forge de Laguiole was founded, a company dedicated to the traditional production of Laguiole knives and with its own registered seal.

In addition, it relies on selected materials, for example, steel XC 75, Inox steel A 440 (Chirugenstahl) or Inox-Damast with corresponding Rockwell hardness of up to 56. Also the lengths of the visible and in the resort “hidden” blades vary. What must remain the same, however (depending on the steel used in each case), is the temperature. Even the smallest deviations can lead to considerable quality losses with certain steels. The high energy costs but also the filigree work, which can include individual decorations down to the back of the blade, are factors that justify the price of Laguiole knives.

So the pieces are becoming more and more precious, refined and individual – and thus more and more susceptible to cheap imitations.