XC75 carbon steel

The XC75 carbon steel has always been used by Laguiole smiths to produce artistic Lauiole knives. This preference of Laguiole knife makers for this steel stems, among other things, from the fact that it is easy and good to work with and also has excellent cutting properties and excellent edge retention.

Knives made of XC 75 carbon steel are also characterized by the fact that they are very easy to sharpen. This is especially advantageous if a knife is used very frequently. However, one must keep in mind with carbon steel that it is a steel that oxidizes. This means that over time, the blade will acquire a patina and turn gray.

An XC 75 carbon steel contains 0.75% carbon unless otherwise specified. The care of knives made of carbon steel is more complex than is the case with stainless steel knives. Therefore, it is often pointed out at the time of purchase that the knives are more suitable for experienced users. For centuries, these carbon steels have been used for knife production and are superior to many modern types of steel in the disciplines of sharpness and edge retention.

So, should you decide to buy a knife made of carbon steel, there are a few points you should keep in mind regarding its care.


  • The most important care instruction is to clean and thoroughly dry the knife each time immediately after use. This will preserve the original patina for a long time and prevent rust from forming.
  • Regular use is appropriate for such knives. If you do not use it for a longer period of time, oil it with a thin layer of vegetable oil.
  • Even with excellent care, a patina will develop after a few years. This is not a big deal and is one of the characteristics of a carbon steel knife. Many users love just this special look, which is achieved only after several years in use.
  • If you want to keep your knife close to its original condition, you have the option to polish it. There are special polishing pastes for this purpose, these contain the finest additives and make the blade shine again. The simplest variant for polishing, is to use metal cleaner for chrome parts.